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Off the Web

Aaishwari Chouhan met Kartik Raichura, the founder and owner of www.managementparadise.com (MP), a website dedicated to management students. Kartik (who is in his final semester of BMS) talks about his interesting journey from notorious bully, to the girl-crazy boy next door, to a serious management student.

When did you become serious about making a career?
Life changed drastically when I shifted to Mithibai to do my BMS. It was then I realized that it was high time I stop enjoying and get a little more serious about things around.

How did you develop an interest for the Web?
Well, in my junior college days, someone hacked my mail id. Out of frustration, I was determined to learn hacking and thus get my id back. Every night I would toil myself to study the basics of hacking and everything about computers, finally to realize it cannot be hacked back. Later on, I used this knowledge of computers and the Internet to make an experimental website www.themanagers.cjb.net.
This was the seed from where www.managementparadise.com (MP) came into existence.

The Crack Math saga in your life?
I met Mr. Vikram Kumar, the director of MAQ Softwares and IIM C topper. He offered me a project of marketing their Crack Math CDs online and offline that I gladly accepted. Interacting with IIMs and IITs on their developing software was an amazing experience and I can’t deny that I learnt a lot from my work experience there.

What can you say about MP?
MP is rapidly progressing with almost 1800+ members from the management field, most of whom are students. MP is the best choice to replace hours of endless searching on Google to find a particulartopic for any kind of project work regarding management.

What makes MP different?
The students at MP interact, share classroom notes, projects, exchange ideas, have a hearty laugh from the jokes section, make new friends and thus expand their social horizon. Project papers on MP include BMS projects, MBA projects, and papers from IIM, JBIMS and various other B-schools. These project papers are voluntarily uploaded by the students themselves and this is what makes it different from the other blog sites or search engines.

How do you promote this website?
MP has distributed more than 2000 CDs in various BMS and MBA colleges and has been Internet partners with reputed college festivals like Xion ’06 of NMIMS MBA Tech, Raheja’s Le Melange and many more.

What about your future plans?
In the future, I wish to do CA and MBA in finance as I am already specializing in marketing and international finance in this current semester of BMS.

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