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Of Stouts and Yale – The Bangalore Beer Run

Like most of your epiphanies, if you choose to go on a beer marathon with your friends, we have words of wisdom for your epic conquest of Bangalore’s 6 best breweries. Similar to all great adventures, this will not be easy, so pay close attention.
1. Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield
An ideal setting to meet up with your comrades; unburden with those small talks, move on to friendly banter and hold on to that temporary sense of classiness and clarity.
From the colorful and dim lit setting to the library of rare art books, (that you can pretend to care about so everyone understands how deep and thoughtful you are) Windmills Craftworks is a piece of art in itself and bountiful in its variety of beers. It is the ideal setting for your beer induced delusions of self worth to start foaming.
From the ‘Stout’ to the many ‘Seasonal Beers’, you will find your perfect drink to start your courageous night. Don’t hold back, the beers brewed here are truly a form of craftsmanship.
On route to your next destination may be a long drive filled with singing along to Highway to Hell, but do not pull over to relieve yourself on some corner of the Garden City. It’s bad luck.
(This message is brought to you by absolutely no one in authority to make a difference but is banking on your good manners and superstitious mind)
2. Toit, Indiranagar
On entering this radiant friendly pub, you will realize 2 things – someone said ‘hold my beer and watch this’ followed by everyone’s false sense of confidence kick starting the marathon. Yes, that’s right… you are the most intelligent person in the room with all the profound knowledge you have accumulated over the years of a love hate relationship with your liver.
Toit is the abode for the best crafted beer in Bangalore. To open the gates into a Brave New World, we would advise you to choose wisely and definitely try their ‘Tin-Tin’ and ‘Dark Knight’ beers.
3. Biere Club, Vittal Mallya Road
On reaching your 3rd destination, after having attained all that wisdom, it’s time to put it to use and get noticed. Where retro meets art, you will find yourself reminding all of your homies that you can sing along to 80 percent of the amazing classic rock tracks played at Biere Club. Don’t forget to hum the remaining 20 percent or just scroll through your lifeless phone.
From the many varieties that Biere Club has to offer, you can reward yourself with the Lager or Club Special beer. Better yet, bring out those samplers and like The Beatles said… let it beer.
At this point we suggest you pull out your cab numbers or just call up that overly compassionate Gandalf-like friend, who will drive you through those menacing check points and those infamous surprise filled roads that plunge into nothingness under your car tyres.
4. Arbor Brewing Company, MG Road
As the banter changes to louder nonsensical jabbering, Arbor Brewing Company’s fun young-spirited ambiance will make you realize that you are the best looking person in this place! ABC’s comfortable well lit pub and décor will grow on you as your confidence in self image sky rockets.
To keep the dice rolling on this adventure, we would propose that you sink your Robert Pattinson/Kate Beckinsale fangs into their ‘Brasserie Blonde’ and ‘Irish Stout’. Enough said.
5. Punjabi by Nature, Kormangala
Considering all that water being replaced by those heavenly elixirs, you need to refuel on some tasty delights and, well… more beer. Punjabi by Nature is the perfect place to sit back, lay down your weapons and enjoy the coziness you so well deserve. If the conversations have changed to slurred nonsensical jabbering, remember a wise man once said, “Spilling beer is the adult equivalent to letting go of your helium balloon”.
So hang in there.
Choosing from 5 tasty variants, you will find your personal favorite flavor at Punjabi by Nature. We would recommend their Traditional Wheat Beer, lightly spiced and low in maltiness for a refreshing yourself. But if you believe in the existence of that legendary Simpsons capacity, their German Malt with a hint of coffee and caramel will not disappoint.
6. Prost Brew Pub, Kormangala
Most of your hand eye co-ordination at this point will be shaky and you will find a temporary best friend in almost every person around you.
By now you would have lost some brave men and women along the way but it’s time to honor them with those Selfies you need to upload, because let’s face it… the world needs to know of your glorious night. Assuming that the battle has been joyfully harsh on you, in the beautifully dim lit Prost Brew Pub, you will find that ideal spot for those #LordoftheBeering photographs.
At this quirky pub adorned with nuts, pipes and trophies, you can choose amongst the several screens showcasing your favorite matches. We would suggest you bring an end to your valiant night by indulging yourself in their famous ‘Bangalore Bolt’ and ‘Irish Red’ as you get louder because you accomplished something today and everyone deserves to know it despite all the incoherent loud noises you are creating.

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