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Of Lost Love and Love Lost

Of Lost Love and Love Lost

As our most hardcore JAMmers will remember, last year we carried a special love letter from a village boy to the girl of his dreams. What we didn’t tell you was that the girl of his dreams replied to the mail. And as hilarious as that last letter was, this one just basically takes the grammatically wrong spelling mistake laden cake. But before that, some snippets from last year’s letter for those of you who just joined us…

Deer Mansi,

YO! You must know who I am haan? Yes, it is correct! It is me! So and what else? Anyway, actually I wanted to do some heart talk with you so I thought of you and so I thought of writing this letter to you the one that you are reading right now but no it wasn’t written before HA HA HA!

The main reason I am telling you all these kool things about myself is to tell you that since a very very very long period (not that… hehehe!) I am wanting to court you. Arerere… don’t scare! YO! I am not taking you to high court or supreme court but instead I am taking you to a hotel on 14 Februarys.

I know what you might have thought in your head about me. Arre he is one that I don’t know anything about also and he is not making friendship also and what if he doesn’t look like good boy from decent family only? Arre what? See I don’t look front or back before asking you first, direct question… so what you think haan?

So I am giving you a Valentine day love request. Please accept my love. If you say YES! to me then YO! I will take you on my ambition to a cheap hotel on Valentines day evening. So give me the reply and don’t worry, I am not like Salman Khan of Tere Naam that if you say NO that I will become crazy and mad and hit you and go to jail and you will die and I will become hairless in jail.

So I will wait for your answer ok? Ok?

If it is yes, then you must come to me and say YES! And if it is no then you must not say anything to me because then if you say NO then all my friends will be insulted to me and your friend Disha will also say no to me because of that.
Chal to phir,
Bhadrinath love

Unfortunately it didn’t exactly reach the Mansi he had in mind but it did reach a certain Manasi… also from the same village.

Deer Bhadri,

Aisa kya re? Like this only you’re asking me to go on your motorbike with you to hotel and eat food on Valentine’s day? Actually I am having no problem with this things but my parents are from orthodox family so there is little little problem but seeing that you are so good and ok and so we should go to court but I am also worried that if you’re going to use protection or not because I will not go with you if you don’t use protection because the Valentine day opposers will be hitting the boy girl who are loving and so I want protection from these peoples and for that only I’m asking like this otherwise I will not ask no?

Ok so I want to tell you to put good cloth and boots and put scent also and so even I will put the scent so you and I can have nice smell together so we are not having dirty feeling when we’re in court. I am telling you from now only that I am not wearing the mini skirt and the sleeveless cloth because I don’t want to look like Bindiya, my big sister who is telling me to put these cloth all the time but I am not putting because I am not liking them and I am liking what she is not liking which sometimes she is not liking also but still she is making me wear re.

Ok bye
Call haan?

– Chirag Mahabal

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