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Obituary: Rajesh Khanna

Bye – Bye Kakaji, RIP.

“Time is up,Pack up”, were his final words as he slipped, unobtrusively behind the curtain of life.He was the emperor ruling the millions of throbbing hearts and he was given a farewell fit for one. One can’t help but be in awe of Rajesh Khanna .Nobody escaped his magic.For us, who were not even born during his golden years, his death was not just, ‘another veteran actor passing away with whom we do not connect much’ .As, virtually everybody was tweeting and putting status updates on their Facebook walls .Everyone posted their favourite song videos and dialogues of the stars. The most popular among them were, “Pushpa, I hate tears!”

For many of us Rajesh Khanna was the person responsible for kindling ,creating and re-creating our love for old Hindi songs like,’yeh sham mastani’ or “kuch to log kahenge”. With the twinkle in his eyes and disarming smile adorning his face he became the embodiment of an ultimate romantic superhero.

He represented an era, the era of love, romance, dancing around the trees,elaborate hairdos, bell bottoms, colourful shades and everything the Hindi cinema is famous for . With Kaka, we bade goodbye to that era. His last, ‘exclusive’ footage shown on a news channel in cycles was that of an ad he shot just couple of months ago. This is his first and last advertisement as claimed by the channel and the makers of the ad .It showed a shadow of a superstar, Rajesh Khanna once was. Some behind the camera shots of the Star shaking a leg on one of his popular songs was shown. He looked very ill, haggard and weak.

Kaka should be remembered as charming, magnetic and charismatic Superstar who made women go weak in their knees and write him love letters with their blood and not frail and fragile ghost of his past. He deserves that dignity.

Preeti Kulkarni

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