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Oasis @ BITS, Pilani

It’ s amazing how people can hike up their energy levels when they want to!!
Oasis being a non stop fest, where there is no day and night, welcomed Day 2 with great enthusiasm and an energetic crowd. The highlights of the day were Choreo and Rocktaves.

Choreo is a theme oriented dance competition and was judged by Vishal Kanoi, the instructor of the dance workshop. The bright costumes, the synchronization and formations were a visual treat . Gargi College won the first prize followed by Bits Pilani.

Rocktaves – a high profile rock competition which boasts of a packed
auditorium. It has to its credits bands like Parikrama and Oritus as past winners. This time, we had an all girls rock band too. With highly competent teams and an enthusiastic audience head banging to its heart’s content, this event was a usual hit.

The department of informals organized a very well crafted treasure hunt which saw a great reponse. The creative activities club held a hi-fly kite making competition at Sky lawns. A lot many people registered but at the end of the 2 hour kite making session only some turned out to be working models. It was a
colourful scene and everyone had a ball.

The A.V.Q ( audio visual quiz) was held by the English languages and
activities society and saw a huge turnout again following the success of
O.Q(oasis quiz), held on the first day. Hence ended Day 2 or lets just say it was the beginning of Day 3.

Day 3… and a sad realization that the end draws near. This just
strengthens the resolve to savour all the god times and have fun while it

Razmatazz, a westen dance competition, was held at noon and was judged by Mr. Vishal Kanoi. The competition had three rounds, out of which the prop round puts to test the creativity of the troupes, while the Footloose round tested their synchronization.

Street plays were held in the morning at Sky lawns. The various teams put
up brilliant performances and the topics were bold, and worth pondering
over much after they were enacted.

Finally the much awaited pro-shows began at night. The three bands –
Mrigya, Indian Ocean and Moksha – performed back to back. While Mrigya and Indian Ocean enthralled the audience with fusion, Moksha played some all-time heavy metal hits. A great combination of music genres, this was worth the wait.

And now we all look forward to the much hyped events of the last day. Fash
, a fashion parade and Blab, a competition that tests your ability
to think before you speak and to speak while you think. High on wit and
humour, this event is a must watch.

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