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Oasis 2005,Bits Pilani

Conducting non-stop events for 96 hours is taxing and does take its toll on all concerned. But the events at Oasis 2005 were not at all sluggish. It was highly competitive, and not an inch is given away in any department.

This year, the inauguration was a lil’ subdued. There was a 45 minute delay and the usual pangas with organisation. The Students union, STUCCA had even arranged for CCTV screening of certain Aud-events.

The grand stage revolved around the theme – ‘the paradox between mental hell and spiritual heaven’. After the formal inaug of the art n dee stage, the dance club performed a synchronization of Man Mohini, followed by a parody of marriage ceremony, KBC style. This was followed by the special screening of a short film by two BITSians- Ishaan Shukla and Mayur Karthik.

The first major event was Oasis Quiz, with 5 BITS teams and 1 outstation team in the finals. The two BITS teams had the 1-2, and the outsi team finished third.

The Informalz desk had organised ‘The Weakest Link’, inspired by the popular TV series of the same name. Kunal Malhotra from DCE emerged as the winner and Maurya from Hindu came second.

Other events on the opening day included MIME. Ramjas college bagged the 1st prize and KMC finished a close second. An interesting and fun event was the Act-a-Poem. BITS and KMC walked away with the top honors in this event.

Rocktaves, the prestigious amateur band competition, had many bands from Delhi. Of these, AVR, Superbuzz Bigmuff, Oritus and Descant made it to the finals. Oritus rocked the crowd and, not surprisingly, took the top prizes. Superbuzz and Descant finished joint second. This event has in the past had winners like Parikrama, Prestorika and BDS. One can expect more good things from Oritus.

The Prof Shows this year were managed by Parikrama Inc. The show took off a couple of hours late. Taan-Trikz, Silk Route and Parikrama and Prestorika rocked the crowd. First, Silk Route took to stage to a mixed applause. But pretty soon the crowd warmed up to them and hummed along.

Taan-Trikz were next and churned out their own brand of Hotch-Potch music, with random covers and even more random sounds. The response was subdued and the crowd grimmaced every time a song was ruined.

Oritus, the winners of Rocktaves, opened the proceedings on the second day. After a thrilling half an hour of alternative rock, it was time for Prestorika. They started with a self comp from their freshly released CD called ‘Emergence‘. Flamboyant guitaring by Lokesh and GT made sure that the BITS audi resembled MTV Headbanger’s ball. The band sounded as polished and compact as ever, and the applause was thunderous.

Parikrama, the final act, played some of the most famous rock n roll songs of all time. ACDC’s Highway to Hell, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the water, Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’, and Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll made it to their playlist. Parikrama’s OCs, which are true anthems of Indian rock, were also a integral part of their performance. Vaporize, But it rained and Rhythm and Blues entertained the crowd; the old faithful humming and singing along with them.

Photography competitions were dominated by Hindu college students, Arnab and Karan. Karan managed to win 5 firsts and 1 second. The literary events were heavily dominated by BITSians. The home teams were quite good and deserved the prizes.

The result of the western dance competition was controversial. The two Nehrus, Motilal and Kamala, won the first and second prize, to the disbelief of many of the participants.

The stage plays featured six teams in the finals. KMC bagged first place, Hansraj came second with a brilliant performance. The protagonist, meanwhile bagged the best actress award. Hindu college won the best direction. Miranda House came up with a very touching performance about a girl who is molested by her uncle and comes to enjoy it. The play used brilliant one-stage simulation techniques and the plot twists made sure it got the due attention. Khalsa college won the best actor award. Their play revolved around a man and his paradoxes and confrontations with his own self.

The personality contest was quite interesting. It was a 3 round affair – JAM (just a minute), Shipwreck & a beautiful rendition of Hollywood Squares. The six finalists were from BITS, MAIT & DCE. Finally Thiru and Vivek from BITS battled it out for top honors with Thiru emerging as the winner.

– Kunal Malhotra .

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