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NSIT students build an Interactive robot.

Ever wanted to be with your small children at home while being away on work or to keep an eye on your employees while on tour? Now, all this might come true, with the robot designed by the students of Netaji Subash Instititute of Technology, New Delhi.

Three students at NSIT have engineered this ‘Internet Controlled Robot’, which they say gives the feeling of ‘being there without actually being there’. One can see a continuous video of the area where robot is present, hear what the robot is hearing and at the same time also be able to talk to anyone near the robot.

This team comprised of third-year students, Arjun, Anish and Karan, under the mentorship of professor DV Gadre from the electronics division, NSIT. This robot is a culmination of over 12 different modules made and tested, separately. It carries three wireless links, one for video, one for bi-directional audio and a third link for data transmission. A user logged on to the website, after password authentication, can control the movement of the robot with the help of buttons on the website, while simultaneously viewing a video stream from the robot.

Students say that the robot can be used for several domestic purposes like watching over small children at home. The user can operate this robot, while sitting in any part of the world. Enthusiastic students added that this mode of communication would even be better than that video conferencing. The other use of these robots can be for military purpose like remote surveillance and border patrolling. The robot’s cost of manufacturing would be much less than the cost of other similar machines, students added.

When asked about other projects, students replied that they are also working on developing a Biometric Credit Card System, which has the potential to eliminate credit card frauds in India and countries around the world.

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