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Not So Haute!

After a long year of sketching and stitching, the students of the basic course in fashion designing of B.D. Somani College, Mumbai finally got a chance to put their act together. A host of exams and then the usual finale: A fashion show to present the student’s very own designer collections.

But how great was it really? Besides the top models strutting on the ramp, there was little to appreciate at the event.

Let’s start with the collection names. Corset Caress and Catwalk Classics! Maybe the students need a crash course in creative writing as well.

But we felt we were being hasty in judging and decided to wait and watch. Sadly, once the collections unveiled it didn’t change much. Only 1 or 2 groups among the 6 had really gone out there to prove themselves. My personal favourite (which didn’t win) was Brazilian Bonanza! To top it all, the horrendous song selection and bad music made the whole experience even less bearable.

Were we expecting too much? Maybe not in terms of fittings or fabrics, but a better standard in terms of colour combinations or accessories, at least. Considering the kind of platform that was provided to them: Hemant Trivedi and Nisha Jamwal as judges, Anchal Kumar and Nethra R. as models, good sponsors, and a lot of helping hands (groups of 24) we believe they could have churned out something better.

Fashion Pharaohs with Men’s Club wear (plunging necklines for guys!), Retro Rhapsody (the obvious polka dots and knee-length boots) and Catwalk Classics (Star Plus inspired salwar suits) were among the first three winners, and as expected it was a disappointing choice.

– Bhairavi Jhaveri

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