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Not Just Prep

IMS Learning Resources iCAP teaching methodology aim to make CAT preparation more relevant and fun

As many as 60 units of a company called ABC have been put on sale at a price much less than the market cost. Among these units 25 are sick.

If you were the manager of this company, what decision you would take? Would you buy this company or refuse the offer? Tricky?

Take a break; it’s not a puzzle! Instead, a simple question-answer exercise for CAT aspirants!

One might find this exercise too simple for those aspiring to join country’s most coveted bschools. But, IMS Learning Resources Private Limited believes this is the best way to inculcate managerial skills in their students. iCAP – or Interlinked Concepts and Application based Pedagogy – aims to foster ‘learning by discovery’.

Gejo Sreenivisan, project head at IMS, says that iCAP would prompt students to learn more out of curiosity. “We have designed iCAP so as to enhance the basic concept clarity, interlinking between facts and the ability to apply both of them”, he says. “CAT wants its aspirants to think like managers and iCAP teaches you how”, explains Gejo. “The methodology aims to prepare students for the changing trends in CAT”, he adds.

The case-study method is an integral part of iCAP. Essentially, students are told to apply different mathematical concepts to explain some basic principles of management. Depending upon the facts and figures, the aspirant has to take decision like a manager. Students apply different mathematical formulas and realise their own importance in the process, instead of just doing bland and boring calculations.

Similarly, for vocabulary and comprehension , a set of 9 stories is given to students. Students are told to paraphrase and summarise the story, whose vocabulary level gradually goes difficult. “Students do not feel like giving up when they learn these tough words slowly; it retains their interest”, Gejo says.

iCAP evolved from continuos research and development by the 27-member Academic Innovative Wing at IMS. “We want our aspirants to realise that all this would hone their professional skills, Gejo says. “CAT is refining its test procedure every year to select appropriate people.”

And iCAP surely gives these aspirants a taste of what lies ahead.

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