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Did the Malhar and Umang Chairpersons meet over a coffee and decide to choose to diametrically opposite themes? This year the NM college fest Umang is going completely Indian, just when Malhar has chosen to go global!

When NM’s inter-collegiate fest ‘Umang’ burst onto the festival scene 5 years ago and declared an ‘Umang vs Malhar’ war, many NM would be able hold its own. Both fests are held within days of each other and Malhar, is well, Malhar. Yet, over a period of time, Umang has carved its own niche, and established its own distinct identity.

Here’s stuff you’ll see only at Umang:
‘War of the Rappers’, in addition to their popular War of the DJs, RJs and VJs.
Umang Fashion House along the lines of Lakme Fashion House
Management games like ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Wanna be CEO’.

14th – 17th August
Finals: 18th – 20th August

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