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NM College’s Drishti collaborates with NGO

ÔÇ£Sometimes, the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary by┬ádoing it for the right people.ÔÇØ

NM college’s festival Drishti┬ácollaborates with an NGO every year, to help serve the society in the best possible way.

This year, Drishti┬áÔÇÖ15 has associated with┬áÔÇÿJOSHÔÇÖ┬áFoundation.┬áJOSH┬áis a movement which was initiated by eminent ENT surgeon Dr.┬áJayant┬áGandhi and┬áDevangi Dalal, a renowned audiologist.┬áSupported by philanthropic donors, NGOs and manufacturers of hearing aids,┬áJOSH has been able to provide hearing aids to more than 600 underprivileged hearing impaired children while establishing six special schools that provide education in a completely digital format. This year,┬áDrishti┬áplans to lend a helping hand in the service of these underprivileged children.

For this very purpose, we have organized a social week┬á ÔÇ£Stairway to Humanity”┬áenveloping everything right from donation drives to a flash mob and from competitions to┬áanything┬áelse that can┬átruly make a difference.

The schedule for┬áDrishtiÔÇÖs┬áSocial week shall consist of the following:

Day 1 (24th┬áJanuary):┬áThe beginning of the Donation Drive. Clothes,┬átoys,┬ábooks – get anything! You may never know how that one T-shirt that you don’t wear now can bring a smile to someone’s┬áface.

Day 2┬á(26th┬áJanuary):┬áÔÇ£Saare┬ájahaan┬áse┬áaccha,┬áHindustan┬áHamara!ÔÇØ,┬áis what runs through our hearts on this day and we, the┬áDrishti┬áteam plan to celebrate this auspicious┬áoccasion┬áwith┬áthe Josh Foundation┬áchildren!

Day 3┬á(28th┬áJanuary):┬áDrishti┬áÔÇÖ15 is planning to conduct a ÔÇÿFlash┬áMobÔÇÖ at Infinity 2,┬áMalad┬áto raise awareness and to break the common belief that the underprivileged are incompetent. Around 100 students from┬áDrishti┬áare going to be a part of this performance. Further, a few students from Josh are going to perform and establish the fact that it is not the body, but our mind that we┬áhave to convince to do anything!

Day 4 (31st January): 150 students from 15 schools will come together in order to help fill the ambience with vibrant colours. Drishti, along with the JOSH foundation is conducting a Drawing Competition for the students from schools under the NGO. Drishti wishes and prays that the lives of these angels are filled with the myriad colours that they will be portraying.

Therefore, we urge you to come and┬ájoin the family of Josh and┬áDrishti┬áÔÇÿ15 and help in lending a hand to those who aren’t like us, but possess qualities which are no less than what we have. We believe that┬áeach one can and┬áwill make a difference!

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