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NM CollegeÔÇÖs ÔÇÿDrishtiÔÇÖ 2015

What makes a fest successful is not its name and fame but what constitutes it. LetÔÇÖs have a look at what NM CollegeÔÇÖs ÔÇÿDrishtiÔÇÖ has to offer


Beginning with┬áÔÇÿIn pursuit of hopeÔÇÖ┬áwherein the teams are expected to battle to the end and aim to extirpate all the evils with a tinge of hope and ÔÇÿMumbhaigiriÔÇÖ. Next is our ÔÇÿChakravyuhÔÇÖ which is the perfect event to test your ILC skills and help you become a true management maestro.

ÔÇÿDrishti Business personalityÔÇÖ lets you flaunt your trading and negotiation skills by cracking the stock market and winning unparalleled rewards for the same!┬áÔÇÿBattle of mastermindsÔÇÖ┬áprovides you with the platform to showcase your talent and prove your mettle! So put your thinking caps on because itÔÇÖs time to brainstorm.┬áÔÇÿEchelonÔÇÖ┬áis our most awaited CL event meant only for the contingent leaders. It is all about recreating the magic of Drishti all over again! ÔÇÿOnce upon a time in mumbhaiÔÇÖ ┬áÔÇÿbusiness @ campus┬áÔÇÿ, the legacy event of Drishti is patented by none other than IIM-A. This event requires the participants to prepare a business model using their creativity, innovation and marketing skills. Now moving towards our cultural day events. Starting with ÔÇÿaamchi mumbai, tumchi styleÔÇÖ┬áwherein the participants will be given a theme on which theyÔÇÖre supposed to perform western dance portraying either sides of the same coin, Hope or Evil. ÔÇÿThe time paradoxÔÇÖÔÇÿAphroditeÔÇÖs closetÔÇÿ is our fashion show event with a blend of Greek Mythology and Bollywood.


ÔÇÿDrishti sports carnivalÔÇÖ┬áis our Olympian battle which is going to keep you on your toes on the 16th of February 2015. Be ready for some never experienced action packed events like Football, Cricket and Tug of War. Last but not the least we even have a surprise event planned up, so gear up for the bolt from the blue.┬á

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