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NITIE’s annual fundraiser for Navnirmiti

NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering) is organising its annual event on field marketing – ‘Mandi’ on Saturday, July 31st 2010. Every year, for the past 6 years, students from this esteemed management institute roam the streets of Mumbai for a day selling educational items designed by the NGO, Navnirmiti. So far, a huge chunk of this NGO’s funding has been coming from the money that is generated from this event.

This year the sponsors for the event are Canara Bank and rediff.com. The latter is organising contests for the best picture and video taken during Maha Mandi. Last Saturday, students from NITIE put up a show at Bandra Band Stand and Carter Road in order to help people understand the social cause of Maha Mandi as well as the resolve and determination of students from one the best management institutes in India.

For the first time ever, NITIE is scaling new heights with Maha Mandi. Due to the phenomenal success of Mandi in previous years, some of the best management institutes in Mumbai, such as SJSOM, KJSOM, TISS and NMIMS, have also decided to involve themselves this year. Together with students from NITIE, they will sell educational items and learn about the intricacies of marketing first hand. The very market that they will be facing as corporates; they will be facing during Maha Mandi. It will teach them all they need to understand about the consumer and how to apply it in their classrooms while at the same time, learning the importance of giving back to society. This is the essence of Mandi.

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