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NGOs- Touching lives and beyond

It’s a time when most of us 20 something olds are fretting about our career choices, the what and how about of it. Digressing from the familiar set of options in career making always available in the Indian markets, Social sector/NGOs now have quite a fan following among students. Here are 5 reasons why a career in Social Work is hot!

1. For the close to heart causes – We did an awareness drive about HIV/AIDS in college. We took part in charity that serves the uneducated. And we’ll continue to do our bit because they have always been close to our heart.

2. Happiness guaranteed – We have all had instances in life where we helped a needy and felt so good in the aftermath, that we had thought, “I can do more of this.” And also, guaranteed blessings awaits us thereafter!NGO_opt

3. What better way to learn how to budget! – Typically, the social sector pays less attractively when compared to the non social sector, especially for people who are yet to get a hold in the field. And so, we learn to budget and become independent in a less extravagant manner.

4. To nurture the changemaker in us- Not everyone is satisified sitting inside a glass prison, in front of a laptop punching in statistics, analyses and numbers. And because, some of us would want to go out, among the masses, and work for their development.NGO 2_opt

5. To challenge yourself- Let’s face it- A career in the social sector is a big risk, especially if it’s being pursued full fledgedly. And there have been people who have had to sacrifice their families, relationships and luxuries of life to be here, because of the time required to settle in. But, most of them have not regretted this decision, because they succeeded to rise above the challenge.

And above all, we know the world needs itÔÇÖs doctors and engineers no doubt, but also people who touch their lives, willing to empathize and inspire them to dream of an even secure future.

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