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New Zealand demolished India’s monopolistic position

India till recently enjoyed a monopolistic kind of position in the world of cricket. They were the most consistent and in form team. They had taken the place of the super strong Australian team. The bowling department has been a worry for the longest time; however the home pitches were curated in a way so as to benefit the batsmen the most, as this would ensure better IPL style run scoring and higher TRPS.
A sport is the best thriller, as it is unpredictable and not scripted like a lot of the reality shows. However, the latest performance of the Indian team does not support the statement. It is understandable that ups and downs are a part and parcel of the arena, but this has definitely lead a lot of the fans losing interest in the game. The players cannot be blamed alone, the schedule is the most jam packed for the Indian side, so that the BCCI can generate revenue and maximize benefits.
Prior to the New Zealand- India ODI series, India was numero uno and NZ was placed at the 8th position. It seems that this may have made the team complacent and in turn they took the hosts for granted. The biggest shock and a pleasant surprise to many came when Yuvraj Singh was dropped and Stuart Binny was chosen to replace him. In the bilateral series, 5 games were played and India lost 4 and managed to pull off a draw in the third one.
As of the 31st of January, the Indian team is ranked 2nd in ODI, and 2nd in tests as of the 20th of January. Two tests matches are left, they commence on the 6th of February. It is to be seen if the Indian team can put their differences away and perform in the classic format of the game. Let’s see if the bowlers and batsmen “use their brains” or not! The extravagant IPL will start soon, I do not really know if the viewership will decline drastically due to the dismal performance or not, honestly the IPL has lost some of its charm since the last 2 editions; but the entertainment factor might just pull it through. The Indian team is not mediocre, it is just going through a bad phase, I am sure they will get stronger after the series; this has served as a reality check before the World Cup starts.

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