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Naya Maal

Leaving school’s tough and the prospect of going to college can be pretty daunting. Nikita Dalal (16) says, “I am super duper scared of going to college. I haven’t had to ‘make’ friends in a long while. I feel kinda weird.”
On the other hand, Dhruv Gandhi (16) says, “No uniforms, freedom from parents, bunking and less of studying! Also, festivals will be fun to attend, though I am scared about the ragging bit.”

Experience talks
If there’s a strut in your walk, hell, you’re a senior! Faizan Patel (23) agrees, “It feels AWESOME not to be a ‘junior’ anymore! We don’t need to walk with our heads down in the fear of getting ragged! We’ve learnt the art of ‘pocketing’ peons from our seniors!”
Surprisingly, Anandita Chakroborty (18) likes being a senior because of the confidence it gives her. “Being part of the college fest

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