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Namma Metro, Namma Bane!

The Namma Metro boards can now be spotted on possibly every road of Bangalore with construction material and heavy machinery all competing with one other to further block, already congested roads. The question that now presses on everybody’s mind is, do we really need a metro rail system in our city now?

As is the case in any such big project, pros and cons are aplenty. But given the current situation, it’s for anybody to see as to how the cons outweigh the pros. Being currently referred to as nothing more than a swanky joyride, the Namma metro is running years behind its scheduled completion date.

Conceived in as far back as 1993, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. appointed the Navyuga engineering company in the year 2006 to complete reach 1 of the east west corridor. And since then nothing more than a mere 7 kilometers of train ride is available to commuters starting from Mg road to Baiyappanahalli.  At this rate, one can safely assume that it will take them around fifty years to complete the entire project with a current proposal of a 42 km line being promised to be completed by 2015. There is also the question of razing to ground as many as 80 buildings in order to incorporate the rail line!

The whole project is quite irrational and impractical. But all hail the government and its decisions that none dare challenge. Also, the project should have commenced in 1994 and finished by now! The idea of having an upper and under ground system, all at the first go itself, is quite over ambitious and should have been kept as an expansion plan somewhere in the future after the completion of a basic rail system. Now that almost everybody has a personal vehicle, the metro with its tall fat pillars is adding to the commuters woes by further congesting the narrow roads.

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