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Nach Baliye

Nach Baliye Let us bring to you the second season of the s(hit) dance cum reality cum celebrity cum (come again?) entertainment show Nach Baliye. Our correspondent Ramchandra Mutt gives us the aankho dekha haal. The couples featured on this ‘Senior Politicians Special’ are:

1. Manmohan – Sonia:
They were the final couple of the evening. When they took the stage, our PM said that he would dance without the music. Then ‘Madam’ told him how to dance and he started dancing on her tunes. Unanimously they were voted the Best Couple.

2. A B Vajpayee – Uma Bharti:
Uma was doing her taandav naach, denoting her anger over being expelled from the party while Vajpayee would barely move his feet. This irked Uma and she accidentally gave a thumka to the former PM. Vajpayee whose bones are as stable as a local train commuter in peak hours, gave a ‘knee jerk’ reaction and screamed “Oh Uma!” in pain. Saying these two words took a whole minute for him. Since there was no chemistry between them and both are history now, they were promptly disqualified by the judges.

3. Dharmendra – Hema Malini:
Hema Malini started dancing, but Dharam paaji (after seeing Ramu Mutt) warned her “Is kutte ke saamne mat naachna”. Further Dharam paaji rushed towards Ramu to satisfy his much-known craving for canine blood. With Hema left alone, the duo was disqualified as PeTA activists (present among the audiences) stormed the stage for Dharmendra’s dislike towards dogs. This resulted in the couple’s instant disqualification and cancellation of Hema’s Rajya Sabha membership.

4. Jayalalithaa – Karunanidhi:
Karunanidhi never agreed to dance with Jaya. So she forcefully got him ‘picked’ from his house to the studios. A helpless Karunanidhi put on his glasses and agreed to dance. The moment Jaya started dancing on stage, it started shaking. Everyone felt the tremors of this mini-earthquake and in no time the stage was completely broken. They were disqualified on grounds of causing loss of property, even though Jaya promised to rebuild the stage through her CM’s Relief Fund.

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