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docsity fresers manual to survival
docsity freshers manual to survival

My first Year at the University – Leave the Nest

It is becoming more and more common for many pre-graduate students to leave their home town for places with better classified universities or ones which offer the course they wish to study.
If all has gone to plan, one would suppose that at the age of 18 one would be ready to fly the nest, but as we all know, it can be more difficult than it seems.

It is a time of many changes. Many things to leave behind but also many new things and places to discover, new friendships to be made, emotions to be felt and experiences to be had even if there may be some disappointment along the way.

We turn to those friends and relatives that have already taken this step and seek their advice on how to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. We look for someone to help guide us through this period in which there can be many difficulties of an economic, social and also professional nature.

This has lead me to think how it would be if there was a guide book or manual that could help with the relocating to another city for university. A sort of university bible for fresher’s which dealt primarily with the university or city as many students come from small towns and villages.

Starting from this basis I started asking my co-students, friends and family what would be the main things that could be of help to a fresher who has just arrived at university in a new city.

From this first survey, the four key points for someone going to university in a different city that arose are as follows:
1- Finding a place to live
2- Surviving without Mum
3- University
4- How to get about the city

Obviously there are many more issues to deal with which arise from these four key points which I have developed for freshers. Without a doubt it is a guide that will answer the questions and doubts of many students who find themselves for the first time away from home and about to study at university.

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