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My first night out – at the dhaba!

It was the first year of my college and may be also the best time of college life. Meeting new people , knowing the talents around. By the time my 18th birthday came, I already had a set of friends I liked and was sure I’d want to celebrate with them.

within our group I was the first one to have a birthday, so we planned for a night out. My first night out as well.
It would be my first experience of cutting a cake somewhere mid of the barren road. Few guy friends hired bikes and our adventure started on the roll. Driving at more than 100 km speed on the national highway..wooh !

We sheltered at a place which was less like a dhaba and more like a small highway Cafe. I cut my cake at 12 and all of us screamed with the top of our voices.

Night continued with games like dare and truth and few horror stories.

At 3:30 pm , we decided to leave as college was around 3 hours away. We found one of friend’s bikes was not ready to start. After a lot of juggling efforts to start the bike, we decided to stay there for some more time till sun was up.

To our disappointment, the dhaba was also shutting. We freaked out as there was nothing around and complete darkness. But it was moonlight and such a pleasant breeze. Guys parked the bike at the cafe with the consent of the cafe owner.

We started walking around talking. After trolling around for some time we saw an auto (bigger than the normal auto , almost for 8 people) driving towards us. It was a design i had never seen before. It was empty with only the driver sitting there. We shared glances and stopped the auto. Auto guy was ready to drop us near our hostel (of course he wanted some money in exchange). We never knew we were out again for a new adventure.

The auto had disco lights and it was playing the song “kaanta lagaa” lol. We had a great time pointing out the hilarious parts of kaanta laga . The night did not end there. Auto engine stopped suddenly after about 8-10 km. We realized that’s it just our bad luck or may be we are set for some more adventure. Next thing we found ourselves doing was pushing the auto. It never started. We waited there and finally caught the morning bus after 2 hours.

Turning 18 was an amazing feeling with the complete new freedom. Other birthdays followed that I spent partying, night outs, drinking but none of them were like the 18th – my first night out.

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