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My College Coolest

It’s that time of the year again when everyday at the crack of dawn (and for some, even the night before) you are plunged into the vortex of that pile of clothes in your room, trying to decide what to wear to college that doesn’t resemble a nightgown.

Yes, we know, you should’ve picked a college according to your wardrobe. But then again, we all are losers before we enter college and start being ‘cool’. Fret not however as we at JAM scoured various colleges across Bombay to detect their respective trends so you can dress the part and not look like a Jadoo in ET.

St Xavier’s ‘curl up and dye’ College

As is wont in Xavier’s to walk around looking like a human specimen, it wasn’t hard for us to find students who are uniquely dressed and who have bigger dreadlocks than many beehives we have seen. Massive curls and dyed hair were all the rage there, with both the sexes.

Apparently, Xavier’s has a dress code wherein girls are not supposed to wear sleeveless in college, but when have rules ever stopped collegians from having fun with clothes? Despite this weird rule, we did spot chicks with naked arms. We also came across some stunningly beautiful curly haired girls, handsome guys with great long hair and beautiful girls in smart trendy ethnic wear.

Fashion Rating: 9/10

KC ‘my clothes are more expensive than my dad’s car’ College, Churchgate

Everyone in KC seems entangled in an effort to match their renovated, sleek ground floor with their own chic attire. A mere glimpse of the college campus (if you can call it that) is enough to overwhelm you with elegantly adorned clothes. Everywhere you look, you can spot people brandishing uber-cool fashionable clothes that are, not to mention, expensive. People are either flaunting their curls or hiding their tresses in sexy hats made of wickerwork.

Girls are dressed stylishly in skinny jeans and patched denim skirts and guys look strikingly handsome in layers (shirt pe shirt).

Fashion Rating: 7.5/10

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