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Music Players

It was considered that the music player would lose relevance once the cellphone started playing MP3s, but, as everyone knows, that is far from the case. Today’s music player is a portable media device that can play video, hook up to the interwebs and, in some cases, can even download video from TV!

* Samsung P3
If there is anything you badly wanted in the iPods, you have it here in form of the Samsung P3. Its got the fantastic EmoTure interface which in some weird way reacts to your mood and picks exactly those songs to suit your emotional state. This gorgeous device should hit Indian shores soon. We are mildly irritated about it not having Wi-Fi. We absolutely luhv jamming free Wi-fi networks.

* Sony W and X series Walkman players
The portable media player world will forever be divided in two parts. One will be Apple, and the second will be everyone else. Sony hopes to shift this unequivocal equilibrium in its favour with its X series of music players. No, we’re not going to dub it the umpteenth iPod killer because we don’t quite fancy eating our hats and boots. They don’t taste so nice, you know, even with KFC’s dip. The W series is a trifle more interesting because it’s got a player built right into the headphones. Now audiophiles will have little reason to complain about the signal loss in wireless interfaces. Yay!

* iRiver P7
You’d mistake this thing for a photo frame, given its lack of buttons. It is a normal media player but all said and done, this thing is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to the battery life which is rated at 50hrs! The only dapper comes in the form of internal memory and you can have a maximum of 16GB. But it does have an expandable memory slot.

* Cowon S9
We at JAM love all things curvy and the S9 is exactly the curve ball we needed to set our pulses racing faster. For starters, it features what is known as a Capacitive AMOLED display which essentially is better than most LCD technologies out there. It also features a multitude of audio presets to keep the audiophiles happy.

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