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Music Curry

This is for all of those who are tired of the wailing Enrique, the nasal cap-clad hirsute clown from Bollywood, the high pitched same-music-each-time-with-different-lyrics albums of Emran Hashmi movies or those mawkishly romantic songs in the rain. It’s time to throw away all those cheap roadside mp3’s and vcds and give your music buds a new flavour. It’s time to delete that age-old play list of yours and revamp it with a bit of rock. You still need to indulge in a bit of piracy because affording all these new flavours would be definitely heavy on the pockets.

Let me list out a few bands which might interest your music thirsty ears. Arcade Fire is an Indi-rock band from Canada with an ensemble of brilliant musicians who can all play a variety of instruments and dish out some of the best concerts you can ever see. Log on to www.thewildernessdowntown.com for a surprise. The site is made on HTML5 and gives a customised video for each viewer according to his location. Check the website to see the next level of entertainment. First on the list among the songs which will get you hooked on to this band is ‘We used to wait’. From there you can move on to ‘Wake Up’ and ‘The Suburbs’. That would be all you need to start loving any of their songs. Go, Fire away.

Best time to hear: Anytime!

From Arcade Fire, we hop on to Firehouse. Firehouse is a classic American rock band. Rock as it was supposed to be, in its purest form. This band will for sure make you nostalgic. To set the mood, tune your ears to ‘When I look into your eyes’.

And when you’re high on the mood, switch to ‘Here for you’ and from there on, ‘Love of a lifetime’.
Best time to hear: When you’re on a long drive with the ‘twinkle of your eye’.

After Firehouse, next in queue is Coldplay, an English alternative rock band. A pretty well known band already, I included this so that no one ever misses this band. If you are feeling down in the dumps, this is the band to turn to! It will make you soar and fly high. With lyrics worth a million, all their albums are in a league of their own. Songs you’ll absolutely love are, ‘Politik’, ‘The Scientist’, ‘What If’, ‘Fix you’, ‘Yellow’ and many more! Viva La Vida!

Best time to hear: When you need to uplift your spirits.
I’ll wrap this up with a band which has a weird name but has some really meaningful music; they’re ‘Death Cab For Cutie’ from America.

Try ‘Grapevine Fires’, ‘I will possess your heart’ and ‘Transatlanticism’.

Best time to hear: When you are in the mood to try something new.

So, dump the same old songs from your ipods and music players and enjoy the curry!

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