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“Mummy, syllabus ke bahar question pucha!” – when Rahul Gandhi flunks the test.

Rahul Gandhi came extremely well-versed for his interview with Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami. But unfortunately for him, Arnab did not ask the questions that he came prepared for.  Rahul determinedly stuck to his order of replies irrespective of the questions, prompting Sonia Gandhi to go “Oh God! This is like his board exams all over again!” He seemed to be like that student who failed the exam even when the paper was leaked well in advance. Touted to be the path breaking interview, this actually became the final nail in the coffin for India’s political royalty. It was a public political assassination of his PM dream. Arnab didn’t have to try hard at all..Rahul did it all by himself.

It seemed to me that Rahul was rather underprepared and frazzled with Arnab’s direct questions. He avoided almost all the questions by repeating that “the real issue is”. Much as they wanted us to be told over and over again as to how he wants to empower women and open up the system, has personally ‘given’ us the Lokpal, RTI and six wonder bills that he wants Parliament to pass, perhaps the MUMMY should also put him as the wildcard entry for the Republic Day bravery awards for agreeing to get interviewed by Arnab Goswami. Drilling down into a lot of topics sort of sucked the air out of the conversation and left little room for voters to hear about what a third Congress led government would look like next year. When asked about standing against Modi, who starts talking about his grandmom? Like seriously? Before you claim that India is a victim of dynasty politics, remember Rahul himself is a victim of dynasty politics. In the interview, he said he doesn’t like the fact that he is there because of the nasty dynasty. So ideally, he becomes the Opposition in his own ruling party. However, THE REAL ISSUE is whether Rahul Gandhi is a threat to Kapil Sharma’s career as a stand-up comedian??

Apart from RTI, Lokpal, women empowerment..blah..blah..Rahul surely will add “Faced Arnab” to his resume. Well, I will just conclude by saying that there’s a difference between Salman and Rahul..Salman is still a virgin and Rahul just lost it to Arnab.

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