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Mumbai Community Card

IITians Nikhil Dhoka and Amit Kumar introduce consumer cards that will donate part of payment to a social cause

They say, “In Mumbai, nobody has time for nobody,” but in this fast-paced metro, there are exceptions all around. We met two IITians who created an unconventional career, which will benefit the underprivileged and everyone who is involved in it. Founder and director Nikhil Dhoka (27) and partner Amit Kumar (28) launched India’s first community-based programme called Mumbai Community Card (MCC).

Launched on the 19th March by the Sheriff of Mumbai Dr. Indu Shahani, this card promises to donate a small amount to the underprivileged and will also give users a discount on every purchase. Dhoka says, “We are creating a system that works at the grassroots level to shift consumer rupee towards products and services that support the social, economic and ecological health of local communities.” MCC will not only benefit the underprivileged, but also provide an edge to the local merchants to sustain competition posed by mushrooming malls and foreign retailers. The card, which receives around 120 enrolment requests every day, has successfully roped in companies, including Bread Talk, Bistro Grill, Utsav and Bowl House, KiinKon Roccs. In its first year itself this venture aims to donate Rs.7 lakh to CRY. Dr Shahani, the first holder of the card, says, “It is commendable to see such social enterprises in the city, which help the underprivileged in a substantial and sustainable way. The benefit of uniting merchants, consumers and the society for a social cause is tremendous as demonstrated by this IITian effort.”

This card also provides a helpline where users can avail a variety of convenient services like food ordering, repairing appliances, paying utility bills and sending gifts, etc. In the coming two years, Nikhil Dhoka and Amit Kumar aim at redirecting Rs. 2200 crores of the Urban Mumbai’s purchasing power to generate Rs.11 crores for non-profit organisations. This card will hit Delhi, Pune, and Ahmedabad markets soon. For further details, potential consumers can also refer to www.mumbaicommunitycard.org

The MCC allows you to earn and redeem points at various shops in your locality. You can earn points by using your registered mobile number for recording transaction. This card will work at merchant partner outlets in Mumbai that include leading restaurants, grocery shops, clothing and accessories shops, eating joints and saloons, etc. Lifetime cards, which cost Rs 100, are available at partner stores and can be bought online. You can SMS to 9223171400 for the same.

-Priyanka Talreja

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