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MSU, Baroda

If you study at the Faculty of Journalism and Communications at MSU Baroda, you gotta be used to seeing at least 40 professors in a year. That’s cause a lot of our lectures are conducted by visiting faculty. Here’s a look at the weirdest of the lot.

Mr Sufferin Sukatash: Also known as Mr Drool-A-Lot, he has little control over the volume of his speech and his set of dentures. The result: he muffles, mumbles, slurs and mispronounces the most bizzare sentences. His characteristic hiss at the end of the sentence is sure to send a chill down the spine and awake any student who has risked a tiddlywink. Last heard, he was signed on star as the voice of Ka the Snake in Jungle Book 3.
Typical sentence: “SSSO sssTUDENTSSSS, let uSSS, dISSSCUSS the variousss articlesss in the Indian Conssssstitution”

Mr Exhbitionist: He is rumoured to be a member of Strippers Anonymous on account of his weird dressing style and even weirder gestures. He enter the class, take a spritely twirl around the desk and rolls up his silk shirt sleeves and stand facing the students in posture that was last seen in Britney Spears’s video for the raunchy I’m A Slave 4 U.
As the lecture proceeds, the angle of posture tries to achieve as close to Pythogaras’ assumption of a zero degree angle, with every earthbound inclination displaying the white hair on his chest. We live in the fear that one day, he might just jump on the desk and do a Full Mounty for the class.

Mr Snoozeworth – Like the sand spilling from an hourglass, his supersloooow speech and disinterested discourse on Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha for the Nth time has a Sandman effect on the class. Everything around gets fuzzy, voices get muffled, eyelids start to shut – and before we know it the entire class is sleeping like a baby.

– Adil Marawala, JBC, MSU, Baroda

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