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Mridang, IIM Indore, Day3

The last day of the annual cultural extravaganza of Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Mridang began in style with the second round of Cult Icon and the finals of the singing competition, Dhwani.

The first round of Cult Icon was held yesterday. Out of 12 participants that registered yesterday, 8 reached the second round. In the second round, they were paired into 4 groups and had to perform 8-10 minutes of “Jugalbandi” i.e. complement each other. If one is doing Indian dance, the other would have to do western dance and so on. It was a non-elimination round however the scores of this round would have 25% weightage in the scores of the final round. The final round would be held later in the evening where the participant has to prove that he is the “Cult Icon” by performing for 10 minutes in front of a packed audience.

Dhwani, the solo singing competition had both eastern and western competitions. Out of the 15 participants which performed in the finale today, 10 were for the eastern (Indian) one and 5 were for the western (English) one. The event was indeed a treat to the ears; as everyone had such a melodious voice. The songs for the Eastern competition were soulful and most of them were popular Hindi tracks. M Prasanna Kumar, who sang the Tamil Version of “Tu Hi Re” won the Hindi event. Conrad who sang a English country song won the Western version of the event.

After singing, most often comes dance. This was the case here as well. Lasya had the solo and duet dance performances today. The event is going on currently and the auditorium is buzzing with cheering and awe, seeing such wonderful and elegant dances. Quizzes on varied subjects enticed people in the classrooms the entire day, Akriti, the fine arts event made people explore their creativity within through Graffiti, T-shirt painting and rangoli. Apart from that, the day also boasted of a city-wide treasure hunt “Anvesh”.

In the late evening, Mridang will host the finale of rockband event “Distortion” where the winner of yesterday

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