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Movie Review;The Strangers-Prey at Night.

Genre – Crime Horror.
Plot – This movie is a kind of sequel to the 2008 movie Strangers with a somewhat similar plot and the same 3 masked killers from the first movie.
A family of four Father Mother and Son and Daughter are going to popular lakeside picnic spot at their uncles trailer home where they find it extremely silent and desolated and later on come to know that everybody is dead.
3 masked strangers who are psychopath bloodthirsty killers are on the prowl who are killing for absolutely no obvious reason and just for sport.
What’s Good – A rare horror film with no ghosts yet lots of startling moment and scares, the director builds up the chases and the built up for each murder with superb planning, the killers are psychological and blood thirsty maniacs as they don’t kill with a single swipe they play and chase and scare and tire each victim before actually killing them, with not much of a plot isn’t the directors scene build up and using the darkness and the masked killers  to up the spookiness which is worth mentioning.
What’s Bad – If you don’t like blood and gore this movie has quite a bit of it. The movie doesn’t give you anything fresh or new  over the first movie, it’s just like the 2008 movie with a few new victims to kill, the climax scene leaves a lot unanswered as to why these psychos are killing people randomly.
My Verdict – A blood and gore murder horror story watchable if you are into such stuff.
My Rating – 3.5 of 5 stars

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