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Movie Review:Kingsman-The Golden Circle

Plot –
An unknown Force has divided the agents and the headquarters of the  Kingsman in London with only 2 spies left alive they go into rescue mode and take help of the American Secret Service called the Statesman and try to find the person who is responsible for giving the world an epidemic of drug poisoning and for destroying the Kingsman.
What’s Good –
Julianne Moore shines like a beacon with her performance as Poppy the antagonist. Colin Firth and Taron Eggerton are also good in their Kingsman parts. It was a pleasure to watch Halle Berry after a long time on screen. Sir Elton John makes a special appearance in the movie which was quite good.
The dialogues of the movie are its highlight and so are the swift  breathtaking action scenes especially performed very perfectly by Actor Pedro Pascal who plays a Statesman.
What’s Bad –
Except for the length of the movie being a bit too long nothing much is wrong with the movie.
My Verdict-
Watch the Kingsman for some superb acting and slick mind blowing action and seeing some great stalwarts of Hollywood come together.
My Rating 4 of 5 stars

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