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Movie Review: Victoria And Abdul

Plot –
Abdul Kareem, a young prison clerk from Agra, India, is instructed to travel to England for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in to give her a symbol of appreciation from British-ruled India a Gold Mohur coin. The Queen develops an interest in and later a friendship with Abdul and promotes him to become her Munshi with her as his guardian; she asks him to teach her Urdu.
While Victoria treats Abdul as a son, he is hated by her racist household and byinner circle, who berate him. Victoria also invites his wife to come to England. In 1901, Victoria dies and her son, Edward VII, rejects Abdul and his wife, sending them both back to India. It is revealed that Abdul returned to India, where he died in 1909. The film ends with Abdul kneeling at a statue of the Queen close to the Taj Mahal and kissing her feet in respect.
What’s Good –
The movie is wholely all of  Dame Judi Dench she  rules the movie with her acting and her expressions which are so spot on that I am yet to see a more natural actor she slips into the role of the queen with natural like ease and she is a  delight to see throughout. Ali Fazal as Abdul is a good actor but in this movie leaving him the most novice  actor in this group of veterans. Yet he gives in an earnest performance and manages to hold his own. The friendly bonding between the monarch of half the world and her footman is a marvel delight to see. Actors Eddie Izzard as Bertie and the Future King Edward the 7th, Actor Michael Gambon as the PM Lord Salisbury. Actor Tim Piggott Smith as Queen Victoria’s chief of staff Henry Ponsonby are all superb in their portrayals.
The emotional bonding of the Queen with her servant and how the servant serves her with utmost kindness and loyalty Inspite of hatred and opposition from the household and how the most powerful and richest monarch in the world is lonely by heart and seeks a kind a word and a friend to talk to.
The movie gives out a message that no matter how rich or powerful money and power does not guarantee any happiness.
What’s Bad –
The jealous behavior of the staff towards
Abdul Kareem due to his closeness to the queen also portrays racist and apartheidal behaviour of the Imperial  British,
One more point being that India and Indians under the British rule were unhappy but yet Abdul Kareem is most pleased to be loyal loving caring and kind to the queen of England calling her his Rani.
My Verdict-
this movie is an Enchanting History lesson that will fascinate and make you smile and make you cry and yet you will just love it in the end. Go watch it.
My Rating 5/5 Stars

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