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Movie Review – Tubelight 

The film is a family drama of 2 Brothers set in the background of the Indo Sino War of 1962. In a small town of the Kumaon region live too brother’s Laxman Singh Bisht and Bharat Singh Bisht. Both though able bodied Laxman is a mentally impaired slow learner. As tension on the Indo Chinese border increases Bharat is selected in the Indian Army and is sent to war and goes missing. The story of the film revolves around the struggle of an innocent young man doing his best to find his brother.
What’s Good
Salman Khan playing a mentally impaired grown up man who behaves like a kid is a delight to see the man transforms into this innocent boy role at this age with such ease and conviction and manages to convince the audience. The last 20 mins of the movie are so emotional that I don’t know anybody in the theater I was seated in who was not teary eyed and high on emotion. The Cinematography exploring the scenic locales of Ladakh, Kashmir, and the Himalayas was breathtakingly beautiful.
What’s Bad
Putting aside the last 20 mins of the film and its climax. The whole film is a tad bit boring and uninteresting, the plot lacks entertaining value and salman and Sohail look too old and fat to look like young youth anymore. The film lacks soul throughout its runtime except for the climax.
The song album is also quite a dud and has no songs worth lyrical or of dance value with a lil exception to the song ‘ Sajan Radio,’
Chinese Actors Zhu Zhu, and Matin Ray Tangu give a cute performance, Actor Sohail Khan is bad fat and hopeless as usual I don’t see why he even bothers to act.
A film by salman and for Salman who will steal your heart. With less soul and content and more silly melodrama.
My Rating 2.5 of 5 stars and that is only for Salmans Acting and the last few minutes of the movie.

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