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Movie Review : The Accidental Prime Minister (2019)

Plot-Based on the memoir by Indian policy analyst Sanjaya Baru, The Accidental Prime Minister explores Manmohan Singh’s tenure as the Prime Minister of India, and the kind of control he had over his cabinet and the country.

What’s Good –
The movie is an exposse based on the book written by Sanjay Baru as Prime Minister Singh’s close friend and Aide in the PMO and his version of the PM.
Though a brilliant mind and an economic genius Dr. Singh lacked all the qualities necessary for a politician, a PM and for that matter his ability as a leader was also highly questionable.
How he kept mum over injustice, corruption, How his genius was under utilized and reigned in by the legacy family how his feelings and emotions were trampled upon, how he was left out to hang dry and take the fall for his corrupt ministers and party Inspite of being clean himself, how his silence let many injustices and corruption be passed all due to his weakness or inability to stand firm and his loyalty towards the party and the legendary family which ruled it.
Acting performances by Anupam Kher as of imitating Dr. Singh’s look, mannerisms, voice and personality is of par excellence to the point of perfection.
Akshaye Khanna as Sanjaya Baru and Vipin Sharma as Ahmed Patel perform very well.

What’s Bad – Like most adapted screenplays this one is slow and boring as usual.

My Verdict – Watch the embarrassing life and times of the Genius but weak puppet Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure in the PMO as the silent and clean yet party to crime leader of India.

My Rating – 2.5 of 5 stars
Firdaus Pavri 11/1/2019

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