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Movie Review-Spider-Man-The Homecoming 2017

Plot –
Young Peter Parker after his first encounter with the Avengers is not entered the team right away by his mentor Tony Stark Ironman he is told to hone his skills work as an intern an learn his responsibility as a Superhero in short he has to earn his
place in the team.
He returns home to his Aunt May Parker and his college life and friends how he encounters the Vulture a powerful illegal arms dealer who has a Bird Suit that can tear Peter and the New York City into pieces. Will Young Peter Parker have it in him to stop the vulture as yet he has not come to terms with his powers and strengths or will this boy manage to destroy the whole city with his immaturity.
What’s Good –
Young actor Tom Holland gives a fresh and very novice angle to Peter Parker almost like bungling botch in Spider-Man who has yet not discovered nor mastered  the power of his supernatural abilities its a new approach its funny and good,
The whole franchise has taken a fresh twist to the approach of Spider-Man now trying hard to earn his place in the elite Avengers team.
The antagonist Michale Keaton who is quite an old man as the vulture I had my doubts would be able to do much against the young athletic springy Spider-Man but the veteran actor surprises me with a superb performance which lagged nowhere in action or dialogue.
What’s Bad –
No complaints anywhere.
Verdict –
The 7th Spider-Man movie has a fresh approach and a twist in the tale and the new actors are good too. Worth watching action Superhero.
My Rating 4 of 5 stars
Firdaus Pavri


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