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Movie Review: Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana


Parents of Aarti and Satyendra arrange their marriage. Aarti is an MA student in Allahadabd, and Satyendra has got a job in the excise department in Kanpur. Aarti and Sattu meet up and get to know each other well. So well that a real romance blooms and they share a beautiful bonding and some intimacy too.They accept each other as they are. Or do they?

However Sattu’s parents put in a heavy demand for dowry, Aarti’s parents reluctantly agree. After all, the groom is from a well off family and owns a large house. Marriage preparations begin. What was not disclosed to the groom’s parents is that Aarti wishes to work after her marriage. Sattu is ok but his orthodox mother is the problem. She does not want a working bahu. Well neither does Aarti’s father.

Suddenly on the day of the wedding Aarti gets the news that she has cleared the state civil services exam, which will give her a sub registrar’s post. Drama unfolds. She calls Sattu, he misses her call. Aarti panics. She believes Sattu will never accept a wife who is more successful than him. Sattu calls her she misses his calls. He is devastated.

What follows is the story of two orthodox families who don’t trust their children to take the right decisions. Even to the point of almost destroying them.

What’s Good :

Director Ratna Sinha takes up 2 very good socially relevant topics of dowry and women’s education and independence which are shown as a rampant disease running in small town India. Actor Rajkumar Rao is superb as usual in his performance and I see a more sober version of Nana Patekar and Naseerudin Shah in him. Actress Kriti Kharbanda is beautiful and a good performer, she deserves more glamorous roles. Actors Manoj Pahwa, Vipin Sharma, Govind Namdeo give in superlative supporting performances.

What’s Bad :

The movie shows the problems facing women’s empowerment well, but does not find the correct solutions. Why can’t an educated and successful woman have any communication with her husband or her  family. Must successful women fall into a stereotype of the lonely seperated spinster, in order to pursue a successful career. The plot is just way too long and stretched and does not give answers but relies on unnecessary drama.

My Verdict:

A social cause movie, good acting performances but a mediocre script. It looks like a movie made for small town family audience, even though the issues are universal.


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