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Movie Review: Secret Superstar

Plot –
Secret Superstar tells the story of Insia (Zaira Wasim), a teenager from Vadodara who aspires to be a singer. However, she faces opposition from her short-tempered and violent father (Raj Arjun) who sees music as nothing more than a girlish hobby. Insia lives her dream of becoming a singing sensation, with the help of her mother Najma (Meher Vij) who supports and lives her daughter and sacrifices to get her daughter anything and everything in her power to keep her daughters dreams alive in spite of being in trouble with a mentally and physically abusive  marriage. Insia she remains an anonymous face hidden behind a burkha, simply known as Secret Superstar. Insia’s journey to fame with the help of controversial, predatorish and  egotistical music director Shakti Kumar (Amir Khan) And with subtle  and passive help from her school crush Chintan Parekh (Tirth Sharma).
What’s Good-
The movie is an inspiration for kids to follow your dreams, aspirations and set goals to be achieved no matter how difficult the path may seem.
It portrays a children’s movie with regressive  patriarchal approach a marriage with the theme of verbal and physical abuse.
It also plays a subtle track of childhood crush love blossoming in the school days which might remind you of your own school days.
It portrays a beautiful mother daughter bonding played exceptionally by the actors.
Actress Zaira Wasim as the lead Insiya plays her character well, which is adorable,  cute and innocent yet aggressive sometimes and  with a melodious voice and a hunger to achieve her deserved fame.
The best actor in the movie is the mother Najma played by Meher Vij she displays depth in her character in her scenes in her bonding with her daughter as the overworked mother and in the oppression scenes with her husband  too she shows perfection.
The father played by Raj Arjun as the negative character is also negatively superb he plays the conservative anti Feminist Muslim father with utmost ease and with full display of disgust towards his wife and daughter.
Amir Khan is an absolute hoot as he plays Shakti Kumaarr, a loud, cheesy, obnoxious, predatorial and  in completely cartoonish fashion. but Khan brings enough nuance to the table to make even this tasteless fool appear real.
A surprise package was actor Tirth Sharma who plays Insia’s school crush who silently loves her appreciates her voice and beauty and suppers her in a grand way as well as he can. His portrayal is soft yet very convincing of a blossoming childhood sweethearts love.
What’s Bad –
Seemingly nothing at all except for the elongated length of the film which is a good 2.45 hours.
My Verdict –
An Inspirational film based on children, domestic violence and motherly bonding.
My Rating 5/5stars

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