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Movie Review- Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns

The sequel is shot in the same haveli  in Deogarh which witnessed the  love, lust ,bloodshed and betrayal in the first part . Saheb  is in a wheel-chair and still making money by settling other people’s scores .He has started believing that the haveli  controls the lives and minds of its inhabitants . The paths of the Gangster, Saheb and Biwi cross when Saheb’s step-mother, plants the idea of an heir and a second wife in Saheb’s mind.

The lead characters are introduced in the same fashion as in the first part .If the earlier one was a  fast and raunchy bedroom drama with sharp minded scheming characters who weave a web of relationships,  this one moves out of  the bedroom and focuses on  the political issue of division of the state .
Though the film is an extravagant and grander version of the one we watched two years ago, it is slow with  confused characters who keep falling in and out of love without any strong reasons or motives . Every character is grey, they have their own selfish motives, their own insecurities and their own internal conflicts to resolve.The saving grace of the film lies in it’s powerful dialogues and great acting .

Irrfan Khan ‘s character starts off nice. There’s a scene where he interviews a politician who is busy watching porn on his laptop .But as the film progresses he is shown to be losing his focus . The climax makes you ponder on  what Irrfan was set to accomplish and what he achieves finally.Jimmy Shergill as Saheb is flawless and spellbinding . His character has the maximum no. of shades . From the man who hates his wife , to a man who can go to any lengths to get the woman he wants  ,to settling scores with those who crossed his way, he is just perfect . His dialogue  “jante ho mard itni galiyan kyun dete hain…kyunki woh rote kum hain”  is followed by claps and whistles from the audience.

Mahie Gill is perfect as the seductive and lusty Biwi .  Her drunken enactments and dialogue delivery is flawless . Despite the history she shares with Saheb she still has feelings for him which may be shown in Part3.Soha Ali has given a good performance ,though her character lacks the spice to stay in the third and maybe the finale of this saga.

In a line though the story doesn’t end here , it’s excellent dialogues manage to create enough curiosity for Part 3.

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