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Movie Review; Sachin, A billion dreams.


A biopic on the life and times of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. His life from childhood till the end of his long cricketing career. His ups his downs his triumphs his downfalls and how the naughty child who was never too good in academics became the man and made himself to be a rage to not just his billion fans in India but to be called the God Of Cricket by the whole world with the highest ever number of world records in cricket to have ever been held by any single cricketer.

What’s Good 

The movie brings to you so many close to the heart feats of Sachin Tendulkar back to your memory making it a very emotional saga. When he got out people stopped watching the match on TV leaving the stadium and on one instant actually setting the stands on fire!

His personal life is also shown in many instances where it brings to the forefront how good a human being he was apart from being the best batsman in the world and a pretty decent all rounder.

What’s Bad 

This movie is strictly for cricket lovers and more so for Sachin fans. As it’s not actually a made up movie with  masala and thrills,  just pure facts and video clips. There are no actors and just old video footage of Sachin’s personal collection of his house and family and feats on the field with Sachin narrating it all himself. Now for the fan this is a great whistle and tear worthy movie. But if you’re not madly in love with cricket and your love for Sachin has waned with time, it is  just a bloody boring very long documentary.

Verdict – A superb documentary.
My Rating 3.5 stars

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