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Movie Review : Raazi

Raazi is a movie based on a Novel named ‘Calling Sehmat’ written by author Harinder Sikka.
It’s a story all about a girl Sehmat who is married in Pakistan during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. She is a spy and hence sent to Pakistan to keep a check on the country and report to India.
What’s Good 
Alia Bhatt is the true star of the film and one of the best young talents of our bollywood film industry she single handedly carries the film on her shoulders and does it with convincing ease, portraying as young college girl trained to be a spy and how difficult a life of a spy is and how emotions are wrenched out and to be controlled without letting them flow is brilliantly shown.
The screenplay and direction  is perfectly done by Director Meghna Gulzar and the movie remains almost perfect throughout, not being very long or  very short, the storyline and the characters grip you in the narrative and there is not a single boring moment in the film which keeps you engrossed from start to finish. The music album comes with good songs apt for the situation and with very meaningful lyrics. Actors Jaideep Ahlawat and Vicky Kaushal have small yet significant roles to play and they do it very convincingly too. This is one movie based on the Indo Park War which is portraying neither side in poor light totally unbiased with no prejudice or villainous nature showed by either nation.
What’s Bad 
Not necessarily a bad point but just nitpicking The movie has a very  focused storyline leaving no scope for any entertainment value.
My Verdict 
Raazi is a gripping spy thriller film with Alia Bhatt engrossing you with her flawless performance.
My Rating 4.5 of 5 stars
Firdaus Pavri

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