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Movie Review: Raanjhanaa

A memorable swan-song
Yes I had a lot of hesitation tog of or Raanjhanaa – will Dhanush deliver in Bollywood, is Sonam Kapoor’s acting still juvenile, A.R.Rahman’s music too seemed a little out of place…but the pieces of the jigsaw did fit to deliver one of the finest love sagas in recent times.

Raanjhanaa is about a boy in the city of Banares who instantly falls in love with a girl from another caste. The ususal sequences follow, including the age-old wrist cutting, but none of them seem out of place. The girl facing the fury of her father is exported to Aligarh. She returns after 8 years, after her academic ventures in JNU, Delhi, but still finds the ‘Raanjhanaa’ waiting for her. The pauper and the princess story continues until the story shifts to the JNU campus, where we meet the strong persona of Abhay Deol, one of those politically motivated youths, who dreams of capturing the Delhi Assembly elections one day. The plot turns political but still has love at the centre….The story unfolds and reveals and not without purpose….The movie finishes as a tragedy of emotions and love of ‘Raanjhanna’ that never seems to fade throughout the movie’s runtime.

Dhanush, a national award winning actor, pulls off one of the most stellar performances in recent cinema. The city of Banares is brought to vibrancy , more than just some travelogue brochures can offer. Sonam Kapoor comes up with a career best performance and never seems out of place. A.R.Rahaman’s music blends well and takes the movie forward deftly. The side characters of Murari and Bindya are specially memorable…But the movie completely belongs to the director and the writer. Some cheeky one liners and moving sequences are what remain imprinted in your memory long after the last dialogue has been delivered…….

This is one of those movies that is perfect for a lazy afternoon. In the era where ‘love’ has been replaced by ‘crush’ , ‘devotion’ is replaced with ‘dates’, the movie seems to infuse new energy into an otherwise mundane theme…….Don’t miss this one…

Rating 3.5/5

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