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Movie Review – Phillauri 

Plot –(Suraj Sharma) Kanan is shown returning in a flight from Canada to his hometown in Chandigarh Punjab.
He is home to get married to his childhood love doll Anu (Mehreen Pirzaada) both the families are in happy and celebratory mood when the panditji sees their kundli and announces that Kanan is heavily Manglik and his first wife would die. So he gives a solution that let Kanan get married to a tree and then cut it off so that the tree becomes the first wife and the prophecy is fulfilled and Anu being his second wife has a happy family life thereafter. Kanan reluctantly agrees and the marriage is done and the tree is cut off.
At Night Kanan is woken up by a very beautiful sweet ghost floating in the air with a shimmering golden dress (Anushka Sharma) Shashi who tells him that he married a ghost her and not the tree as she was the spirit in the tree. How this scenario doubles up into Anushka’s parallel 98 year old love story and how this affects the marriage of Anu and Kanan is the rest of the movie to see.
What’s Good –The initial reaction of Kanan and the funny dialogues of Kanan with everyone as he sees the ghost of Shashi the first few times is absolutely hilarious and rib tickling in the first half.
Diljit Dosanjh Anushka’s lover Phillauri leaves an impact with his acting.
What’s Bad – The acting prowess of Anushka in her own production movie takes a backseat and she comes in as just average. Mehreen Pirzaada though very beautiful fails to emote her feelings on the screen, The script is lacklustre and heavily boring, except for a couple of laughs in the beginning there is not much left for later in the movie the romantic scenes are stretched beyond infinity and the movie itself is too long for what it has to offer and could have been edited by atleast 20 to 30 mins lesser. The two parallel love stories running in 1919 and 2017 tend to make the plot confusing at times. The songs are all nearly hopeless and nothing worth much except for one sufi number Sahiba which is a bit above average.
Anushka Sharma as a Producer made her first film at the age of 25 which was a good action thriller with a social message.
NH -10, but her second production venture Phillauri seems to have failed in every department.
Verdict – It isn’t a smooth but rather a boring ride, with a story of a boring past and a mundane present,
Go for it if you so wish with an open heart and a forgiving mind.

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