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Movie review; One By Two

+ve = The witty uncle who does a bit of sher-o-shayeri and also the witty friend who doesn’t give-up any chance to poke fun at the protagonist.
-ve = Alas, everything else!

One By Two is the case study of two people who have two entirely different lives but a similar path. The story starts off with Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) and Samaira Patel (Preeti Desai) trying to figure out what went wrong with their lives when the former loses the love of his life and the latter the dream she always wanted to pursue.

I never thought this movie would be so bland and uninteresting. I am a big Abhay Deol fan and I eagerly wait for his films. This however is his weakest and most exhaustingly boring movie (Yes, I have seen Aisha). The films deals with the same issues which most of the youth films deal with – a bad breakup, a broken dream, a drunken mom (or as Samira calls her ‘Mommy Mom’, which is irritating as fuck). But, going by the trailer I expected a good treatment. Sadly, the film doesn’t provide anything that you can hang on to. Going by the title, the film is half-hearted, half-written, half-witted and not even half-appealing.

Devika Bhagat’s screenplay beats around the bush for so long that even when Abhay Deol comes to the screen you hate him. You hate him for acting and producing a film which doesn’t do anything effective or even mildly potent. The first half has randomly arranged scenes that come one after the other without making any sense whatsoever. The director tries to draw a parallel and show how the lives of the two protagonists are similar by using a split-screen showing scenes from their lives, but seriously speaking they do not have any sort of co-relation with each other. It’s rather depressing to see the dull characters facing problems one after the other and instead of feeling bad for them you are shaking your head in regret of watching these equally frustrating characters.

Every plot line, every character feels out of place. Half of the time the scenes feel like fillers for this shallow film. The direction and narrative can put you to sleep with their astounding quality of being all over the top. I don’t have a problem with toilet humor, but Devika Bhagat uses the user-friendly punjabi potty jokes in such a way that even people with a lower IQ for humor will find it beyond their threshold.

The film does nothing with the lead actors playing two impossible-to-like characters. They speak heavy dialogues and give monologues which are meant to be life-changing which in effect are no way inspiring or even mildly impressive. A couple of times I thought the film is trying to be ironic, for example when all of a sudden Samaira starts walking the street with people following her like a pied-piper while she makes a fist and throws a punch in the air. But it’s not, nothing is ironic and everything just doesn’t make sense. The film fails miserably with an inconsistently written script, irritating and wrongly placed scenes and terrible acting from the so-called better half of the always likable Abhay Deol.

Preeti Desai is unquestionably one of the worst new actors in B-town. Her acting skills were a strange mixture of Evelyn Sharma and Katrina Kaif. Her hot legs weren’t good enough to make her cardboard appearance look satisfactory. Abhay Deol was simply wasted with nothing much to do. While the direction was simply unclear and messed up, it felt like Devika never had it clear in her head as to what she intended to show. The story never gets under the skin of what was to be shown; instead the direction went under hoods of unwanted songs and dance sequences.

Final Verdict: This is a disgrace to Abhay Deol’s filmography. It’s Just Pakaooo!

Rating : 1.5/5

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