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Movie Review; Naam Shabana

This spy action thriller movie is the prequel to the iconic Baby (2015), and is made by the same cast and crew.

The prequel shows the life and circumstances of field agent Shabana Khan, how a silent and morose college girl who is a martial arts champion has a tragic childhood and her freshly blossomed love life turns tragic how the spy agency RAW traces her and helps get her revenge in turn recruiting her as a field agent.

What’s Good- Actress Tapsee Pannu is the lead and she gets all the screen time and screen space in the movie, she is in almost every frame something that we have only seen superstars get that kind of importance.

She acts well does her action scenes like a pro.

It’s a good movie which depicts the life and working style of our secret service agency and the kind of work and sacrifice these agents do for the country.

Superstar Akshay Kumar makes an entry to assist Shabana in her work but is strictly in her shadows and does not overshadow her and keeps it as a special appearance something which I liked, this superstar is not jealous and does not feel threatened about his stardom.

The fight scenes, the spy story pick up the pace of the films second half making it a good watch.

Whats Bad – Director Shivam Nair is no Neeraj Pandey, overall the film is good but yet is not a Baby the film depicts Shabana with a lot of detail to her life which makes the first half of the narrative quite long.

Verdict – Watch it for Tapsee Pannu kick ass action scenes and Akshay’s one liners.

My Rating 2.5* of 5.

Review by Firdaus Pavri

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