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Movie Review- Murder 3







Murder 3 is a mind blowing suspense/thriller/love story!

This is something that I would say if the Bhatt’s offered me a hundred million rupees or as the people from Congress call it, Rahul Gandhi’s pocket money, for writing this review. Sadly since my bank account status isn’t very nice, neither is this review!

To start, this movie looks like a blatant copy of some random Hollywood flick. But that’s not really surprising since the dialogs of the movie prove that they didn’t really want to invest in writers. With the help of corny dialogs like, “muze tanha mardo ke aankho mein aasu pasand nahi” it looks like this movie will easily win this year’s Amul sponsored Cheesy awards.

Vikram (Hooda) is a “WILDLIFE” photographer, and he gets a very lucrative offer so he moves back to India with his GF Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari). Eventually Vikram gets too fixated on his work and unintentionally ignore Roshni, she however thinks he’s having an affair. In her melancholy state, she leaves the new house and disappears. Vikram can’t handle her sudden disappearance; he takes to drinking (to celebrate perhaps???). That is when he meets Nisha—ahha haa haa haa ahaaahaaa. No, don’t stereotype her because of her name. She’s not a bar dancer, she’s just the waitress there.

Vikram starts to live with Nisha in his new house now, Nisha is also thrilled—But sadly it doesn’t show since Sara Loren isn’t much of an actor, but she’s easy on the eyes so it can be excused. The real plot begins when Nisha starts to discover that there is something wrong with this place. Eventually she reaches a plausible, logical, scientifically explainable conclusion; that the house is Haunted.

Yes! The Bhatts’ figured they haven’t already squeezed in enough in this storyline already so they also added the supernatural lime juice to this already messed-up cocktail. Even with all the desperate attempts of the first time director, the first half of the movie is very generic and dull. Thank the heavens that the second half manages to pique at least some interest about the plot.

Randeep Hooda is sub-par in acting, and to all those who think I have a bad hair style, you should see this guy first! Sara Loren is another collection to the Bollywood’s Barbie Dolls, ‘Look amazing—can’t do anything else’. Aditi Rao Hydari however is the best! She is the only one who takes her role seriously, and ends up owning the screen.

There are only four songs in this movie, none of which are very hummable or addictive. It’s a little disappointing since you at least expect decent songs from the Bhatt camp, if not entire movies. If you are going for the “hot scenes”, don’t waste your money! Buy a Murder1 DVD instead; because you aren’t gonna get much action in this movie.

This has U/A certificate, so at most you will get to see the girls in towels and sheets. Of course even my seven year old cousin knows that the girl flaunting her back in the bed wasn’t in there to get a good night rest. But sure, give it a U/A, Censor Board!

BottomLine: Murder 3 is a waste of time, waste of money, waste of two hot girls and waste of the python that is wrapped around Hooda’s neck. If you do watch this movie with your love interest, chances are that you will be the one who’ll be MURDERed.

Happy Valentines  😉

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