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Movie Review: Kedarnath

Plot –
The story of Kedarnath tells an inter-faith love story between a wealthy Hindu brahmin  girl whose family owns a lodge and shops near the historic Kedarnath Temple in the Uttarakhand mountains and a humble Muslim boy who is a ‘pithoo’ (porter) working in the same vicinity. As their relationship grows closer, the pair face many obstacles, including familial disapproval and contrasting backgrounds when the sudden rains of the 2013 Uttarakhand floods devastate the region, the couple are forced to survive against the elements and face the ultimate test of their love.
What’s Good – The biggest Highlight of the film is its beautiful cinematography with superb accolades deserved by Cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray,
He captures the beautiful locales of the Kedarnath region with a magnificent view of the place.
Sushant Singh Rajput enacts his role to perfection.
Newcomer Sara Ali Khan has got not only her Mothers looks but has inherited the perfect acting genes from both her star parents and she shows a lot of promise in her performance.
Director Abhishek Kapoor manages to strike the perfect cord between portraying a young budding romance intercaste strife and not diluting the pain and the devastation caused by the calamity of Kedarnath in 2013.
The movie has perfect music and background score.
Whats Bad – All good
My Verdict – Watch the beautiful Shrine of 2000 year old Shiva Temple of Kedarnath woven into a beautiful love story and to see the 2013 disaster up close and personal.
My Rating 4.5 of 5 stars.
-Firdaus Pavri

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