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Movie Review: Jia aur Jia

Plot –
This movie is an official remake of the superhit 2008  Hollywood movie ‘Vicky Christina  Barcelona’.
2 girls both named Jia book a tour to Sweden since they are single they are given a room partner on twin sharing basis how these 2 girls from completely different backgrounds and personalities bond and become best of friends on this trip is the movie.
What’s Good – 
Actress Kalki Koechlin just rocks the movie with her bubbly performance. Richa Chadda is great too.The movie has its shining moments in the drama and Emotional scenes.
What’s Bad –
Very poor direction and low tight budget production values do raise their ugly head in the movie many times, debutant actor Arslan Goni is a stone faced expressionless dud. The movie has a very boring narrative unlike the original movie it is copied from.Proving a point its seldom possible to take a Hollywood subject and present it in bollywood without robbing of the originality and adding some stupid bollywood touches.
Verdict –
It’s a watchable movie once for the road trip and Kalki’s performance but don’t expect much.
My Rating 2.5 of 5 stars

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