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Movie Review – It

The film is based on the novel by the same name IT written by Stephen King.
The year 1988 a sick boy with a stammer loses his brother when he goes out during a rainy day to play with his paper boat.  Forward one year 1989 and the town of Derry in Maine is seeing a recurrence of incidents where many children from town just dissappear without  a trace. A gang of nerdy children famously called the losers is trying to trace down the missing children and also trying to escape. The bowers gang who are a bunch of sociopath bullies. An Evil clown haunts them tries to kill them how will the children fight back with this supernatural scary evil form is the movie to watch The end credits roll with the mention of Part 1 so we do get to see a sequel in  future.
What’s Good –
The special effects in the movie are mind boggling and give you the creeps with sudden surprises giving you startling jumps, The acting  and makeup of IT also known as Penny wise the dancing clown is fantastic a clown who looks evil and menacing in every bit sending a chill down your spine every time he gives that evil grin,A perfectly made horror movie involving children in every little aspect being taken care of by the director,The movie has its funny Jayden Leiberher as leader of the losers and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown both give in superbly convincing performances, situations and  dialogues by the children.
Actors Sophia Lillis the only girl in the losers gang is one very beautiful 15 year old girl and has superb acting talent too,Actors Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer bring in the laughs of the movie by their superb comedy timing,
The Novel by Stephen King IT is superbly written and the story deals with how an Epynomous evil being feeds of the fears of a person’s mind and breaks him down to submission, It also teaches a lesson that if you learn to fight your demons and fear no evil can harm you.
What’s Bad –
The films length could have been shorter as some scenes take like an eternity to play out, The source of evil or the reason behind the disappearance  of the children remains unestablished leaving the audience with an incomplete feeling. But perhaps it could be something left deliberately so as to garner interest in the upcoming sequel which might explain the reason.
My Verdict –
Not only is the movie a highly entertaining Horror film it will also leave you haunted for days and will still have you craving for the sequel.
My Rating 4 of 5 Stars

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