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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is back as the Iron Man. Iron Man the movie about the guy-next-door who discovers his powers, in its first part had a beautiful build up of his character, who outsmarts and out-powers everyone. In the second part, he is faced with the nemesis who is larger than him in most respects, but our character eventually manages to inch past him.

And now the third one, which is the real challenge for the director and the cast. Yes we have seen part threes – they are either a mixed vegetable soup (as in the case of Spider-man 3) or a delightful curry, (as in the case of Dark Knight Rises).

Iron Man 3 raises lot of expectations but fails to deliver.

Take no offence. This isn’t one of those silly science fiction movies. Some parts of it are beautifully shot and it is indeed a treat to watch the protagonist carry the movie forward deftly, it also has several of those articulately crafted sequences that stay with you for a long time. Take for instance the sequence between Tony and a teenager who helps Tony rebuild his artillery. Or take those euphemistic sequences involving Pepper and Tony. Or take that sequence in which Tony Stark’s residence is attacked by the antagonists. In fact the better one-liners come from the larger than life Tony Stark who single handedly makes the movie watchable. But simply put, none of the sequences are as memorable as any in the previous two instalments.

The concept of the movie is sharp but has nothing new to offer except from those silly visual effects that might fascinate you while watching but won’t stay with you for long. The sequences that would stay hinged to your memory are few and far between.

Tony in his last sequence where he gives up all arms to lead a peaceful afterlife says “You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there’s one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man”

Well this line seemed a lot more in place in its first instalment. Hail! I hope that there is no sequel to it.
Rating 2.5 stars

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