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Movie Review; Indu Sarkar 

A girl Indu who has a stammering impairment is shown growing up from birth till youth till she meets Navin Sarkar a high ranking government officer who she falls in love with in a matrimonial meet. The period is 1975 where prime minister Indira Gandhi has slapped an emergency on the country and where she and her son are running a totalitarian state.
Indu though shy and domicile, has an awesome talent of writing hard hitting poetry when she impresses her husband’s boss the minister, who asks her to write solid poetry for his speeches. One day she has been assigned to write a poetry on happy and peaceful India. Which she is unable to do as she is distracted and disturbed by the unrest and unhappy wave of human rights suppression going on in Delhi and all over the nation.
How this shy girl stands up against her husband the whole system and the might of the Government of India is the main story.
What’s Good –
Kirti Kulhari as Indu
Tota Roy Chaudhary as Navin Sarkar.
Anupam Kher as Nanaji
Neil Nitin Mukesh as Sanjay Gandhi give in superlative acting performances.
The movie brings to light the excesses and human rights violations carried out by Indira Gandhi and her family on the country an emergency which crushed the poor killed or jailed all her detractors and was a great time for industrialists and politicians who supported her who benefited in more ways than one during that near 2 year period.
What’s Bad –
Director Madhur Bhandarkar goes overboard here, the emergency is shown more harsh than what it really was. His movie does not report facts neutrally the positive effects during the emergency period is gone unnoticed and only the bad parts are highlighted and blown out of proportion way. This movie is more fiction than fact.
The pace of the movie is very slow and until the interval the movie moves slower than a snail though in the second half pace picks up a little. It’s still not interesting enough and the damage already being done its more a case of too little too late. The movie’s length should have seriously been shorter.
My Verdict-
Indu Sarkar shows a director’s version of the emergency which is not totally true and lacks the pace and intensity to create interest needed for a movie on this subject.
My Rating 2 of 5 stars

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