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Movie Review- Himmatwala


If you like to see hippos dressed in tight clothing, gyrating their bodies to horrible music that makes metal plates crashing during Mumbai’s rush-hour traffic jam sound more melodious, watch Himmatwala!

Yes, the movie that requires a lot of Himmat to watch has finally released at the Box office. If you for even one second thought that Ajay Devgn couldn’t possibly get any more corny after Son Of Sardar, then you my friends are in for rude shock! Not only has Sajid Khan managed to break the barrier of utter stupidity but he also has come up with the most pathetic remake of all times! This remake is so sad that even RGV would disapprove of it!

This movie is more corny that Corn Club, more cheesy than Dominos CheeseBurst pizza and more crap than Public Urinals. I have even watched the original movie some hundred years ago. Needless to say it isn’t very appealing to our generation. Why they thought a remake of this crap would be a good idea is beyond me.

It starts with Sonakshi Sinha dressed in unnecessarily tight clothes, dancing to this thing they call a song, titled TGIF! While watching this song eventually I wanted to remove that belt from her waist and poke my eyes out with the needle.

Ajay Devgn has never been more embarrassing! If I was Kajol, I’d forbid him from ever showing his face to me again!

Thankfully I soon laid eyes on the heroine, Tamannah! She is so awesome! I just couldn’t take my eyes off her navel talent. But as quickly as my interest rose, it fell back down like a bad bungee jump; this girl has acting skills to rival those of Poonam Pandey, and Rakhi Sawant!

Too soon I realized that since this was supposed to be an 80’s movie, the chick was only there so that the Men would pay attention. They even added a healthy dose of physical abuse so that the ‘Mard’s’ get their alpha male egos stroked. But it is carefully masked as a kid song–so it says, “not only do we kick our women, we also teach our small kids to do the same, and make songs about it”. Welcome to Bollywood.

Eventually I lost all interest in Tamannah and this movie lost its only airbag that was supposed to be the only thing preventing it from crashing.

It has all the typical 80’s stale masala ingredients like, widowed mother ki kasam, a sister twho exists only for getting raped, a hero who fights more men than in Pakistan’s army, and a modern girl that later Indianizes herself! It has all the bullpoop that made hit film in the 80’s, the only thing missing would be Anil Kapoor’s chest hair. The only saving grace of the movie is Paresh Rawal, who slightly adds some Woody Allen to the otherwise Laurel & Hardy humor quotient. Even Mahesh Manjrekar was a huge disappointment. I guess he only acts decently in Salman Khan’s flicks.

All in all, this movie is super bad. This movie would make Ek Tha Tiger and Jab Tak Hai Jaan look like 54 Oscar Award winning movies. It would make Rakhi Ka Swayamvar more watchable, it would even make SaraswatiChandra look appealing. With no storyline, hideous song remakes, hippos dancing disco numbers, and further defects added in the movie, this movie is a strict no watch Unless you have the Himmat to watch it! One star out of three hundred and eighty seven!



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