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Movie Review: Haseena Parkar

Plot revolves around Don Dawood Ibrahim’s Sister Haseena Parkar aka ‘Aapa’
The movie portrays a courtroom drama where the protagonist is hauled before the law to defend herself against grave criminal charges. The narrative moves back and forth between the prosecution lawyer questioning and accusing her and Aapa remembering her important life changing incidents.
The lawyer tries to assert unconvincingly that she is as much the perpetrator as he brother Dawood, whereas she convincingly proves that she merely used her brothers name to intimidate people in exchange for the price she and her family paid for her brother’s misdeeds.
What’s Good – The chemistry between Haseena and Dawood played brother and sister on reel by real brother and sister Siddanth Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, They gel perfectly.
What’s Bad – Almost everything. The script story and screenplay which was supposed to be  portrayal about Haseena’s life turns out less of hers and more so about Dawood. Whatever little of her life is portrayed is also a very shallow scoop of her life like just skimming the cream of the milk and the movie never goes in deep ever. Everything that is shown has been world news and there is nothing fresh or worth knowing that you already didn’t know.
Shraddha Kapoor first of all in a Biopic on Aapa looks nowhere close to her with hopelessly done makeup and she speaking with some tissue stuffed in her mouth and the taxing  effort she  puts in to get into the character is purely visible making her acting portrayal look artificial.
My Verdict – Haseena Parkar is a biography which provides no insight into the life of Aapa and ends up being a dull, boring, jumbled up and tedious narrative that will surely put you to sleep.
My Rating 1.5 of 5  stars.

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